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Founded in 1983....
Futurekids began with a focus on computer literacy for children and teachers around the world, first in learning centers and now in schools. Today, Futurekids is a global leader in helping schools use technology to transform education.

With more than 20 years experience,
we've been a trusted and valued partner to thousands of schools in 60 countries. Our mission is simple; to help schools become futureschools and to help children become futurekids, creating a worldwide community that integrates the power of technology to facilitate and improve student performance.

Futurekids Technology Solution Sdn Bhd....
is the master franchisor of Futurekids in Peninsular Malaysia. The first Futurekids Computer Learning Center opened at 1 Utama Shopping Complex in September 1995. Student enrolment reached in excess of 200 students within three months of opening.

Since starting its operations in Malaysia, Futurekids has established 14 Learning Centers and more than 30 On Locations in school and kindergartens. In addition to their children's programs, Futurekids also conducts training for adults.