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"Give your teachers the skills and confidence they need to help students use technology to its fullest."
It makes sense. When teachers feel confident with their computer skills, they're more effective at integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. Plus, they're more effective at helping students achieve their goals.

That's what the Futurekids Professional Development Program is all about.
We offer a variety of comprehensive courses designed to train educators in the basic fundamentals of computer literacy, the application of technology in the workplace, curriculum integration, and classroom management with technology. Our courses address core technology areas, from operating systems, Internet, multimedia and graphics, to word processing,spreadsheets, desktop publishing and databases.

The right standards and strategies
The content of our program is based on the NETS, US standards. The methods include a combination of site based, project-based and thematic pedagogical strategies to meet the different skill levels of each participant. In addition, we address not only the cognitive domain, but also the social and emotional needs of adult learners. This includes personal attitudes and responses to change and learning new technology skills.
Our programs are stimulating and engaging. Facilitated by an experienced educator, each course is intimate, activity-oriented, and lots of fun. participating in the Futurekids Professional Development Program improved their computer literacy by an impressive 69% over the control group.

All about integration
Our program doesn't just teach teachers about technology. We show them how to integrate it into key subjects -- like math, science, social studies and language arts. Using their existing lesson plans and projects, teachers learn and practice a proven process for infusing technology into instructional units and resources. Through the development of these relevant integrated projects, teachers learn how to use technology to enhance and complement their curriculum, and they create professional portfolios of their work.
We cover both classroom teaching and professional tasks--such as keeping grade books, creating lesson plans and communicating with educational groups.

Proven and tested
Throughout the world, colleges, universities, and boards of education have experienced the positive effects of our Professional Development Program. Participants who have successfully completed the course requirements have been awarded undergraduate and graduate school credits, continuing education units and salary point certificates

A schedule that works for you
To meet your requirements, the timing and scheduling of our courses is flexible. And of course, we can bring our training to you at your school or site.

Each Course includes:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Post-assessment
  • Electronic portfolio creation and assessment