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Bring your child to our computer camps. Futurekids unique camps provide students with in-depth, concentrated instruction in specific technology such as programming, graphics and telecommunications. Campers learn to navigate the computer and develop sophisticated technology skills that adult would envy!
In Cartoon Camp, students will create their own wacky comics and loony animation exploring along the way a whole new world of numbers, letters, shapes and colors! Cartoon Camp offers creative expression within challenging projects. By creating comics and animation, the children will grasp the fundamental differences between cartoon characters on newsprint and cartoon characters on television and in motion picture animation. The final part addresses desktop publishing skills as the campers plan a Cartoon Camp party for their friends and family!
Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a new Pet Shop. What will you name your store? What name animals will you sell? How will you advertise your business? You’ll need to make business cards, advertisements, commercials and grand opening invitations. Well you better get busy - there’s a lot of work to be done and fun to be had!
Age Level : 3 ~ 8 years   Age Level :: 3 ~ 5 years, 6 ~ 8 years
Duration : 15 hours or 6* hours, 2 ~ 5 days (6* hours available only at selected centers)   Duration 12 hours or 6* hours, 2 ~ 4 days (6* hours available only at selected centers)
Technology/Content : Basic Skills, Desktop Publishing, Graphics and Animation.   Technology/Content

:Desktop Publishing, Word - procesisng, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Multimedia skills and Basic Business Skills.

You’re the boss of your own company. The computer is your partner. Junior Entrepreneur provides children the opportunity to learn some fundamental business skills and apply them to real-life goals while having fun. Girls and boys will build their own business from scratch. It could be a chocolate factory, a video arcade or anything you can imagine. Use your creative skills and the computer to design logo and business card, write a memo, even produce your own radio commercial.   In Superhero Camp, the children become superheroes in their own computer-generated "living book" adventure by defining superpowers, designing costumes, identifying sidekicks and arch villains, selecting transportation and composing theme music. Each day, the children are encouraged to bring superhero items from home, such as superhero action figures, pictures, cups or comic books, to assist in the brainstorming process. At Superhero Camp, technology skills are learned faster than a speeding bullet!
Age Level : 3 ~ 5, 5 ~ 8, & 8 ~ 15 years   Age Level : 4 ~ 11 years
Duration : 6 hours (2 - 3 days)   Duration : 15 hours or 12 hours, 3 ~ 5 days
Technology/Content : Basic Business Skills, Desktop Publishing, Database, Spreadsheets And Graphics.   Technology/Content : Basic Skills in Programming Multimedia and Graphics.
The Rapid Fire Curriculum is an innovative course designed to increase keyboard speed and accuracy. Each child competes only against themselves.
Research and writing teaches children how to research a topic and the writing skills necessary to do the job right. The course is designed with the understanding that writing creates anxiety in many people, including children, and makes learning how to go about the process, fun.
Age Level : 8 ~ 10, 11 ~ 12, 13 ~ 16 years   Age Level : 9 ~ 11 years
Duration : 15 hours   Duration : 8 hours
Technology/Content : To increase keyboard speed and accuracy.   Technology/Content : Search for information, word - processing and writing essay.
Build your favorite machine then bring it to life with a COMPUTER! Anyone who enjoys playing with LEGO’S will love Robotics camp. Young inventors and engineers put together a moveable machine out of LEGO parts including gears, wheels, motors, touch and optical sensors - then hook it to a computer and control it with a program kids write themselves.
How many systems in your house are controlled by a computer? Can you turn on your lights, set the temperature of your home and start the ceiling fan fifteen minutes before returning from school? The Intelligent House can do all of these task and more. Students are guided through activities, which simulate the use of a computer control in modern home situations. They learn to control the input process and output of outdoor lights, garage doors, burglar alarms, door locks and ceiling fans. They learn how to identify and command feedback systems to work. The pupils create and analyze computer procedures.
Age Level : 8 ~ 15 years   Age Level : 8 ~ 15 years
Duration : 10 hours or 6* hours, 1 ~ 5 days (6* hours available only at selected centers)   Duration : 10 hours or 6* hours, 1 ~ 5 days (6* hours available only at selected centers)
Technology/Content : Programming and learning to control input and output devices.   Technology/Content : Programming and learning to control input and output devices.