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Mastery Program is...

  • Weekly classes
  • Small group learning environment
  • Drill and practise learning methods
  • Taught in the mode of project-based and thematic activities
  • Grade-specific:
    • Platinum Level (11 Years Old and Older)
    • Gold Level ( 8 to 11 Years Old)
    • Silver Level ( 5 to 8 Years Old)
    • Bronze Level (5 Years Old And Younger)
  • Year-based curriculum with target technology and academic focus at each module


Futurekids offers a complete Kindergarten through High School student curriculum, which builds knowledge and skills in both technology and core academic content areas. The curriculum is based on a carefully crafted scope and sequence that allows for the developmentally appropriate sequencing of skill instruction.

Futurekids student curriculum has been developed by educators and educational experts over many years and has been classroom tested around the world. In an effort to maintain this current and technologically advanced curriculum, Futurekids makes a significant investment every year to update and extend the existing program with a permanent staff of researchers and educators dedicated to creating a comprehensive and efficient computer mastery program

Curriculum Features

Futurekids Kindergarten through High School student curriculum is designed to teach technology skills in the context of project-based activities that are grounded in content area subject matter. The curriculum incorporates hundreds of specific, quantifiable learning objectives. It is aligned with the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). The curriculum is also updated and expanded annually to keep up with current trends in technology.

The Kindergarten through grade 8-curriculum library consists of three complete thematic programs, focused on problem solving skills. Each theme is designed to create a shared premise under which a group of students apply their knowledge of technology to solve problems. The three themes are as follows:

 Futurekids Frontiers

Equipped with computers and their problem solving skills, students embark on an adventure to the outer limits of their physical, natural, and cultural worlds. Activities include researching, charting, and graphing information about endangered species and creating a multimedia chronicle of adventures to exciting destinations like deserts, rain forests, and oceans.

 Futurekids Media International
Students assist a media organization, Futurekids Media International (FMI), by using their technology skills to integrate technology into the company. Activities include creating a multimedia kiosk presentation to promote FMI and designing and producing an online game for the company's web site.

Operation Futurekids
A team of students has been commissioned by various organizations to troubleshoot problems around the world. Activities include creating a multimedia time capsule for future generations to view and researching world wildlife species by collecting, sorting, and classifying various types of information.


Within all units, primary and ongoing technology foci, as well as academic foci, are identified. The emphasized academic subject areas include language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.