About Futurekids

FUTUREKIDS is the only place in town where the "learning" of Albert Einstein is mingled with the "adventure" of Indiana Jones. Our students travel the globe, communicating creating with other FUTUREKIDS from around the country and the world and all from the comfort our state-of-the-art learning centre! Whether it is spreadsheets or the Internet, we make technology fun and relevant for both beginners and power users.

At FUTUREKIDS children learn how to use today's exciting technology to be both productive and creative in ways they could never imagine. Our comprehensive and proven computer education programs combine recommended software and hardware with our unique and exciting teaching methodology. And, we combine themes and subjects kids love with the latest technology - ensuring your child a learning adventure they will never forget.

The Curriculum…
Our education write exciting curriculum each year. Our comprehensive technology programs encompass every major area of technology while incorporating themes and traditional academic subjects that kids enjoy. Classes provide lifelong computer skills, increased motivation to learn and real sense of achievement and self confidence.

The approach...
With small class size, experienced technology instructors and our unique theme based projects, we make learning an adventure. Our curriculum units which incorporate hundreds of sequential learning objectives ensure that every child receives a balanced computer literacy education. Each unit introduces children to new skills and also reinforces previously taught skills.

Futurekids' unique advantages include:
Futurekids offers a complete and comprehensive technology solution that helps schools ensure a high return on their technology investment.

Professional development program and Mastery curriculum are strategically aligned enabling teachers to receive technology training and then use the curriculum to transfer similar knowledge and skill to students.

Students experience more active and engaged learning, and therefore achieve at high academic levels.

Teachers are motivated by the on-site instructors that offer long-term mentoring and support and the ability to train on equipment in their own teaching environments.

Professional development program and Mastery curriculum are aligned to the learning standards of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

Futurekids, with 20 years of experience, is the industry leader in educational technology. Throughout schools, highly trained and experienced Futurekids experts work closely with school officials to:
(1) identify the school's education and technology goals,
(2) to create and implement an individualized technology education program, and
(3) to monitor their progress over time.
As a result, schools benefit from Futurekids' cost-effective, timesaving resources, enabling teachers and students to achieve at high levels.