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 Mastery Program


 Professional Developments

The mastery program is a weekly classes conduct in a small group learning environment Drill. It practices on learning methods that will be used.There are four specific levels carried out in weekly classes which are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze level.  
Futurekids Professional Development courses are designed in order to make technology a powerful tool in the hands of teachers, administrators, support staff and parents. The basic fundamentals of computer literacy, the application of technology in the workplace, curriculum integration, and classroom management with technology.
 Technology Essentials    Adult Training
Technology Essentials contains two phases which are Phase 1 and 2. Phase I introduces novice computer users to skills in 10 technology areas. Phase II will extend and enrich computer mastery gained in Phase I.
Futurekids Technology Training Centers applies the same care and sensitivity to our adults training courses. Our approach, which features small class sizes, and as much individualized attention as needed, can diffuse anybody's fear of technology and enables students to use technology comfortably in all aspects of their lives.
 Holiday Camp    School Solutions
Futurekids Computer Camp combines the latest in computer technologies with themes and subjects kids love. Camp curricula are organized in twelve to fifteen learning modules. You can get started with one camp,or spend the entire school holiday with us.  
Futurekids, largest providers of computer education and literacy to children and adults of all ages has the purpose of equipping students with the basic computer skills needed. Futurekids offers technology education programs for both public and private schools, parent associations, senior citizen groups, corporations, community centers and special events.
 Cambridge ICT Starters    
Certification is now available although optional through the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). It is available in three stages - Initial Steps, Next Steps and On Track.